This Is Not A DRAMA

Alot of us now-a-days are crazy for korean dramas!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! That is just love. We have a little corner in our hearts for every character of the story whether he is the lead actor or the main villain. And I bet no one can deny this. But those dramas look too good on big screens, just to see and feel happy about it. But tell me one thing,Have we ever thought that our own lives are not less than those dramas? We are the lead characters still not shining as bright as star like them? Because they have full time story with the best climax and we can’t define our climax whether it will be beautiful or worst until we decide to work hard and give our best to our lives. We are the game-changers and can make ourselves as wealthy as the richest person in this world or to make us as the world’s poorest person. Choice is YOURS. Coz this is not a DRAMA over which you can grin that “At the end,everyone is happy”. You have to make your drama the most beautiful drama of all time.

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