For some they are sweet,

For some ther are not…..

Some have lost it,

Some have seperate fanbase for that….

Some have albums -n- albums of it,

Some don’t even want to remember it……

For some,its the only reason to live,

For some,its the only reason to die for……

Some have cried for it,

Some have hatred for that……

Some have valued it with time,

Some have lost values…….

But, memories are memories,

The only thing which you’ll keep for a long time…

Longer than the longest road in this world.

My Shadow

I woke up in the middle of night. There was a little light coming from the side of the door. I get up,closed the door and turned to come back. There I saw my shadow. It was pitch black and was taller then me. The shadow asked me,“Are you happy?” I was standing numb,thinking that what should I say to her,afterall she is my shadow knowing each and every thing going on inside me. The shadow asked again, “Are you not going to reply me?” I said “You know it all,there is nothing hidden inside me.” The shadow grows and become an inch taller. Asking again,“So you don’t need any more of what you have?” I said “No,I am Fine”. The shadow grows an inch taller again. “Don’t lie to me dear.So when are you going to achieve more,I think you should do it now. Go run away from the life you are living now and don’t look back again,just grow bigger and bigger like I am growing inside you.” The shadow grows terribly and start luring me, it was my ego,hatred,hopelessness which was covering me under the name of shadow. I screamed loud,but was non-audible to others. I started getting broken from inside,whose noise was again out of the range of normal human ear. I begged. “Please leave me”. Suddenly the door closed upon and the shadow vanished.

Till the date,my biggest fear is my shadow, unfortunately she is the only one who will never leave me alone.

I wish I would have never let her grow that much.

Permission to Dance By- BTS (Reviews)

So, First off all I would like to tell the people that it’s my first time to give a review on music videos and I am glad that I am having this opportunity to review over the MV of PERMISSION TO DANCE from a point of view of an ARMY๐Ÿ’œ

So basically I am going to give you all, the short introduction of who are BTS- THEY ARE LEGENDS๐Ÿ˜. The BTS is a 7- membered Boy Band from South Korea South which includes RM,Jin,SUGA,J-hope,Jimin,V and Jungkook.

BTS have recently dropped their new single-“Permission To Dance” on ARMYs birthday i.e 9th of july 2021. The MV got huge love from all over the world and currently having 180+ views and 12M+ likes(its still one counting…..). The MV gives a vibe of happines and new hope to the people around the world. It shows the end of pandemic theough which we all have been dealing for so long and still dealing, don’t know till when we’ll be dealing through. The MV gives the positive message to people that -Don’t worry, soon this pandemic will end and we’ll be free to meet our loved ones and see each other in person.

The MV is attractive having vibrant colours in it which gives the song a lot more attention. The melody,the scenes gives a positive and happy vibe. Besides this,the boys look like the sherrifs and cowboys from west side who are here to protect us from depression,sadness,depair and hopelessness with this new hyped up summer song.

Permission to dance

Now the next thing which your eyes will catch is the simple,sweet and beautiful choreography mostly includes the sign languages. This choreography is so simple that even a person who don’t know how to dance,can also dance over it and enjoy himself/herself. The dance steps are smooth,lyrical and again gives a happy vibe.

In my views,this is their First song where we get to see that our Rap liners are hidden singers. They have finally shown their hidden talent of singing so soulfully and delightfully. (Deep down I knew it from the start๐Ÿ˜‰)

There is a significant reason that why their is no rap part because as our Leader,Mr Kim Namjoon had clarified it,that they have tried to add some rap in itbut somehow it didn’t come well and we are thankful that we get see these super talented rapper as a new era singers.

Next is the message,the message through this song. Its a BTS song made only for giving hope and strength to the people around us who are facing a lot and have faced a lot since the last year. Every time they drop a song,its for the betterment of humanity and prevailing love and happiness around the world. Although they have gifted ARMY this as a ‘bithday gift’ as ARMY became 8 years old now ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜€. As you can see in the MV,the song has 3 languages, 3? How? 1st is English,2nd is Sign Language and 3rd the most important,the language of love๐Ÿ’œ. Through this MV they even communicated with those people who are suffering from hearing impaired,and also telling them to be happy and live your life like you want. This is how they again break the barrier between the normal and special childs.

They again say- NO TO RACISM and really beautifully incorporated it into their MV. If you look into the MV you’ll found alot of people from different regions and countries and are united together with the music. This again implies that No matter what the language of the song,who are singing it,who are performing it….. The thing which unites the people is MUSIC. Through this MV they again stood against the hatered and violence.

At the end “We dont have to worry,coz when we fall we know how to land” and “We don’t need permission to dance” implies that we should never stop ourselves from doing anything great and no matter what is happening around we should focus on keeping ourselves happy in a safe condition. We don’t need anyones permission to open our hands and move freely with happiness and joy. All we have to do is to wait until things got better.๐Ÿ’œ

Upside Down

Today was my exam of “Chordates” and when I was preparing for it I noticed one thing while reading the comments for Human Eye,that the image what forms at the retina of our eye is ‘real and inverted‘. You all are intelligent enough to know the meaning of word Inverted,yes its upside down. So scientifically,If I say, we all are living in this world upside down. Our eyes are making fun of us and made us realised that no dear, you are not upside down,look forward your path is a straight line. Its just the difference of perception that for some its straight, beautiful and path of flowers while for some its coiled,haunting and the path of horns. Just remember one thing WE ALL ARE LIVING IN UPSIDE DOWN WORLD so never feel depressed or sad while you are not doing well. Work hard and it will pay you back.

A Normal, not so Normal Day

Everyday, we all as a human have same basic plans…. Wake up,Clean up,Dress up,Do our respective work until our bones feel none,have some meal and then finally to our lovely coxy bed. Normal right? But this soooooo normal looking thing is not really normal. For some they follow this routine perfectly,for some this routine is even hard like trigonometry. For some,they follow it in forward direction and some follow it backward direction. For some this routine starts when the sun is on head and for some this routine starts even when the sun is on rest.

And after all this,I am unable to fit myself in the above given categories because I am a versatile person who can be any of these ‘some’ according to the situation and In my views half of the population of this world falls under in every these’some’ categories and still happy. The key to your happiness is not a perfect routine,its the happy you. Enjoy every single day without any stress. Let yourself be you everyday and feel you everyday. And at the end You’ll find what is Normal,not so Normal Days of your lovely life.

This Is Not A DRAMA

Alot of us now-a-days are crazy for korean dramas!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! That is just love. We have a little corner in our hearts for every character of the story whether he is the lead actor or the main villain. And I bet no one can deny this. But those dramas look too good on big screens, just to see and feel happy about it. But tell me one thing,Have we ever thought that our own lives are not less than those dramas? We are the lead characters still not shining as bright as star like them? Because they have full time story with the best climax and we can’t define our climax whether it will be beautiful or worst until we decide to work hard and give our best to our lives. We are the game-changers and can make ourselves as wealthy as the richest person in this world or to make us as the world’s poorest person. Choice is YOURS. Coz this is not a DRAMA over which you can grin that “At the end,everyone is happy”. You have to make your drama the most beautiful drama of all time.

One little Night

One little night,I had a thought just pop up in my mind. Where I am? Where I have to go? I am judging the huge survivors around me without even achieving a great thing. Where am I? This is the toughest question all the humans used to face once in their live. I was unable to fit myself in the norms of society. I was scared to uplift my feets towards a new path because someone was always there behind me who will pull me down and down and down. I was lost. I had a dream but it was fading away like a shooting star. I was trapped in between my dreams and my DREAM. No one was there to tell me the difference between the two. I tried to summon each and every great lines my forefathers had left for me to gain some strength,but it seems like it starts vanishing from the every corner of my memory. I was messed up it was 4 in the morning and whoosh!!! The one little night gone and another little night was waiting again to blast me off.