Upside Down

Today was my exam of “Chordates” and when I was preparing for it I noticed one thing while reading the comments for Human Eye,that the image what forms at the retina of our eye is ‘real and inverted‘. You all are intelligent enough to know the meaning of word Inverted,yes its upside down. So scientifically,If I say, we all are living in this world upside down. Our eyes are making fun of us and made us realised that no dear, you are not upside down,look forward your path is a straight line. Its just the difference of perception that for some its straight, beautiful and path of flowers while for some its coiled,haunting and the path of horns. Just remember one thing WE ALL ARE LIVING IN UPSIDE DOWN WORLD so never feel depressed or sad while you are not doing well. Work hard and it will pay you back.

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