My Shadow

I woke up in the middle of night. There was a little light coming from the side of the door. I get up,closed the door and turned to come back. There I saw my shadow. It was pitch black and was taller then me. The shadow asked me,“Are you happy?” I was standing numb,thinking that what should I say to her,afterall she is my shadow knowing each and every thing going on inside me. The shadow asked again, “Are you not going to reply me?” I said “You know it all,there is nothing hidden inside me.” The shadow grows and become an inch taller. Asking again,“So you don’t need any more of what you have?” I said “No,I am Fine”. The shadow grows an inch taller again. “Don’t lie to me dear.So when are you going to achieve more,I think you should do it now. Go run away from the life you are living now and don’t look back again,just grow bigger and bigger like I am growing inside you.” The shadow grows terribly and start luring me, it was my ego,hatred,hopelessness which was covering me under the name of shadow. I screamed loud,but was non-audible to others. I started getting broken from inside,whose noise was again out of the range of normal human ear. I begged. “Please leave me”. Suddenly the door closed upon and the shadow vanished.

Till the date,my biggest fear is my shadow, unfortunately she is the only one who will never leave me alone.

I wish I would have never let her grow that much.

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