One little Night

One little night,I had a thought just pop up in my mind. Where I am? Where I have to go? I am judging the huge survivors around me without even achieving a great thing. Where am I? This is the toughest question all the humans used to face once in their live. I was unable to fit myself in the norms of society. I was scared to uplift my feets towards a new path because someone was always there behind me who will pull me down and down and down. I was lost. I had a dream but it was fading away like a shooting star. I was trapped in between my dreams and my DREAM. No one was there to tell me the difference between the two. I tried to summon each and every great lines my forefathers had left for me to gain some strength,but it seems like it starts vanishing from the every corner of my memory. I was messed up it was 4 in the morning and whoosh!!! The one little night gone and another little night was waiting again to blast me off.

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